Get Organized!

You can never be TOO organized! Life is so much easier when you have information readily available and don't have to search through piles of papers to find phone numbers, medical information, insurance policy numbers, contact numbers, etc.

I decided I would put together my own Family Binder in an effort to stay more organized, and to prepare myself for a less stressful situation in the event of an emergency. If your like me and get super nervous and anxious when anything stressful suddenly happens, these will come in handy and are a must have!

These printables were also designed with your children in mind! If you have family members, friends or a babysitter watching your children while you are away, this information is perfect to have prepared and sitting by your home phone. 

You can view all of our free printables here.  

Posted on September 30, 2013 and filed under Freebies, Home Organizing.