Fine and Dandy Paperie is a small online design studio based in West Hartford, Connecticut. We are wholeheartedly committed to delivering high quality stationery designs and impeccable customer service, for an effortless online shopping experience. We realize that your upcoming event will be a memory for years to come and we are dedicated to starting you off on the right foot beginning with exceptional stationery that is guaranteed to impress your guests. 


Meet rachel


I'm Rachel, Owner and Designer of Fine and Dandy Paperie. I was born during a snowstorm on January 20th, 1982 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. I was given the name Rachel, by my mother who named me after her cat (Ironically, I'm so not a cat person). I was raised in Plaistow, New Hampshire, and lived a small town kind of life. Places beyond Southern New Hampshire were only seen on TV and at the time seemed like an impossible dream.

I grew up inspired by art. I had a fascination for drawing and creativity (I inherited this talent from my mother). As a child, my mom always encouraged me to express myself in my own way, down to picking out my own outfits, which were in no way coordinating and never made much sense, but they made me, me. 

In the early 90's my mom had brought home our first computer. A giant, enormous, heavy machine. It introduced us to the World Wide Web, something that was almost unheard of in most households. It was awesome. It changed everything. It connected us to a world outside of our small town and made big dreams seem not so impossible after all.

Over the years my love for computers grew alongside of my love for art. Eventually these two passions would meet and merge into my dream career. Something I never knew was possible without a college degree. I spent many sleepless nights learning everything there was to learn about design, html coding, and enhancing images. In 2004, with the newly launched site, Myspace, I was able to put some of my knowledge to the test when I completely revamped their standard layout with a fresh, eye catching one that had everyone in town talking :) I knew I was on to something, but I wasn't there just yet. So I kept practicing. Learning. Gaining knowledge. And I have never looked back.


A dream is born


In February 2010 I was on an endless online hunt for a custom thank you card. When nothing stood out to me, I decided I would design my own, putting my self taught skills to the test. I did just that. I created the perfect thank you card, uploaded it to Zazzle, and a few days later it was on my door step. I opened my first Zazzle shop the very next day and have been designing ever since. Non. Stop.

Throughout the years, I've expanded my skills greatly, I continue to stay on top of trends, and grow and learn as technology rapidly advances. I am dedicated to making the Fine and Dandy brand a unique, smooth and friendly shopping experience for all of our customers. 


How my daughter inspires me


Being a designer, there are many things in life that inspire me daily. From signs I see while driving down the street, to magazines on the news stands, to flyers I receive in the mail, even down to food packaging I see at the grocery store. But truthfully, nothing has inspired me more than my daughter, Ava. If anything has made me who I am today, it's her.



Ava is my first and only child. She's a sweetheart. She always has a smile, laughs her way through life and dances to her own beat.

Ava arrived on June 29th, 2010 in Ft. Myers, Florida. She was born with Microtia (underdeveloped right ear) & Atresia (absence of an ear canal) as well as Hemifacial Microsomia, Congenital Scoliosis, a chromosomal abnormality, a heart defect and more. We were told many things during her 22 day stay in NICU. "She would be deaf and never have the ability hear sounds", "she may never walk, and she would need extensive therapy of all kinds" but, she proved them wrong.

Ava is now 7 years old. and she's not only walking, she's running. She's cartwheeling, skipping, swimming, twirling, and dancing her way through life. She can hear music and sound (with the help of her Oticon Hearing Aid), and dances along perfectly to the beat.

She has learned American Sign Language and has taught me that communication is much more than a spoken language. She's confident, she's fearless, she's affectionate and has a genuine love for everyone she meets. 

She loves glitter and gold, bright lip gloss and nail polish. She's not afraid to be herself, she's as independent as they come. She's my best work, my inspiration, my sweet little girl and my best friend.

She is what life is all about.

She is my world, and the driving force behind the Fine and Dandy brand. She is the inspiration for my designs and the motivation for my success.